Military Resale Lot

What Are Military Resale Lots

Military Resales Lot are also known as 'Lemon Lots' at some Military bases. They are spaces set aside by U.S. Military installations for active duty personnel, their eligible family members, and DoD civilians to showcase their vehicles for sale. 

Typically, the Resale Lots are designated near the base Exchanges, Commissaries, or Hobby Shops. Offering TREMENDOUS visitor traffic, SAFE showcasing environments , and HIGH visibility for exposure, a fair-market-priced-vehicle will find its happy new owner.


To get your vehicle, RV, boat, trailer, or motorcycle showcased on the base Resale Lot, certain criteria must be met, in addition to required documents. While each Base sets their own policies on local requirements, and may vary slightly, the following are generally necessary:

  •     Registered owner has valid a Military affiliation.
  •     Military or DoD identification.
  •     Current Registration, or title.
  •     Signed Power of Attorney must be notarized (If applicable).
  •     Resale Lot parking permit.

Park on the Lot

To Reserve a Parking Space at your local base Resale Lot, tap the following link and scroll down to the appropriate installation. You will find a phone number to communicate directly with the local staff as well as an info-link that will provide you with general information about the local services provided. Information may include: Registration Forms; Hours of Operations; Location;  etc:  HERE

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Marine Browsing through a Resale Lot

Marine Browsing through a Resale Lot

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